Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 or otherwise known through the terms non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, adult-onset diabetes, is a kind of condition where the body develops resistance to insulin. For patients identified as having diabetes type 2, it is very crucial to monitor the glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is a very important source of energy for the body but if its presence in the blood in high, it may be very risky for the body. High levels of glucose in the blood could lead to many physical complications as well as in the long run death.

Type 2 diabetes is very common among adults and obese or overweight people. It’s also the most common type of diabetes. Symptoms and signs of the disease include frequent urination, thirst, or hunger. Fatigue is also a sign of diabetes. Increased number of the glucose levels in the body can lead to the condition wherein damage of arteries of the eyes, kidneys and heart occur. It’s also a contributing factor to stroke and hypertension.

A healthy Diabetes diet along with a rigid exercise program will help much in easing the health of patients and in avoiding it from worsening. A regular diabetes diet includes the avoidance of food with high sugar, fat and calorie content. Diet plan should be regulated. Weight reduction is among the major targets of patients with diabetes type 2 symptoms. That is why a rigorous exercise program is extremely relevant to patients. Exercise programs focus on weight loss.

However, glucose levels may vary from time to time because of many factors. Stress and illness could contribute much to the glucose level fluctuations. That is why it is important to strictly monitor glucose levels. Normal blood sugar levels are in the range 75 and 130 mg/dl or 4 and 7 mmol/L with respect to the unit used by the test.

Blood testing for glucose is performed before every diet and exercise. It can also be done after the intake of small servings of food to see whether it comes with an effect on the blood sugar level. Diabetes type 2 symptoms patients require discipline and deep sense of responsibility to maintain a fit body and for long life. Sneak in at http://diabetes-type-2.com/ for better understanding.

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