Deteriorating Bone Disease Such As Osteoarthritis Believed To Cause Hip Injury

A consistent pain sensation felt from the hip could be an indicator of a hip bone and/or hip joint injury. People expresses variations of the hip pain felt since the location, duration and hip pain characteristics also varies. Hip injury is caused by a lot of factors and the symptoms experienced coincide with the prevailing cause of injury. Studies show that the most common cause of hip injury is osteoarthritis, as seen in people ages 50 and above. People inflicted with grave form of bone disease such as osteoarthritis may find it necessary to have a hip replacement procedure. Precaution is needed in order to avoid incidents like the one mentioned in the article What Caused The Stryker Trident Hip Replacement Recall.

Defining Osteoarthritis

The bone disease known as osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that usually occurs at the age of 40 affecting equally men and women. The signs and symptoms of this disease is usually experienced initially at the age of 40 which then progress as the person gets older. The level of involvement and the location of the injury manipulates the severity of the discomfort experienced by the individual. Osteoarthritis can lead to minor and major bodily ailments such as anomalies of the hand joints as well as trauma to the hip and knee joints.

How Does Osteoarthritis Happen?

The aging process everyone experiences is one of the factor which could lead to osteoarthritis. Primary osteoarthritis is caused by various factors such as metabolic factors, genetics, chemical factors and mechanical factors. Trauma, congenital deformity and obesity often lead to secondary osteoarthritis. This chronic condition of the bones occur when the joint cartilage deteriorates due to the disease process and there is a formation of a new bone to replace the degenerating bone of the margins of the subchondral (below the cartilage) around the joints. The inflammatory process that is distinct in the disease condition that is osteoarthritis is the result of the breakdown of the cartilage cells which is also known as chondrocytes.

One of the hip pain managements proposed by consulting physicians for people enduring this chronic and progressive bone disease is the invasive procedure that is hip replacement surgery. Some people attest to the effectiveness of this operation. There were unsuccessful instances, though, wherein a hip replacement surgery using a metal-on-metal hip replacement device such as the DePuy ASR hip replacement product which is thought to be defective caused unwanted complications in some patients. Subsequently, a hip replacement recall was issued for these faulty hip replacement devices. You can search for more information in some sites related to this case.

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