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Sinus is an air-filled hollow in the bones of the skull connected to the nose. The inflammation is actually occurring in the sinus which is the main cause of Sinus infection or sinusitis. There are two main types of Sinusitis, i) acute and another is ii) chronic. In the acute Sinusitis pollutants, bacteria, allergies, viral infections etc do the main harm. Pollutants are in the form of smoke, dust from industries, toxic gases etc. while we breath we inhale some form in to our system, they can cause Sinus infection and other diseases too.

The viral infection is the main cause of the acute sinusitis. This actually this is affecting the upper respiratory system in the fullest way. Viral infection is capable of destroying the cells of the sinus covering and this in turn leads to inflammation.Then a nasal blockage is created. This blockage stops the process of removing bacteria present in the nasal path and the multiplications follow and they attack the covering of the sinus.

By the allergies these acute sinusitis is getting processed more in the body. The moraxella catarrhails is the cause of disease. Chronic sinus infection is caused usually by those types of bacteria that can survive without oxygen. They find a good ground on people who have diseases that weaken the immune system like aids, diabetes, leukemia, tb etc.

Under normal circumstances acute sinusitis don’t last more than 8 weeks in an infected person or three to four times in a year. With the help of the successful treatments you can revive the destruction done to the mucus lining of the sinus surrounding the skull. In the case of chronic sinusitis or recurring types, they last longer in an infected person. They can stay up to 11 weeks and occur more than 6 times in a year. You can avail the treatment those are actually needed for total rectification of the system.

You can feel the headache from the other part of the head with some of the main symptoms like headache, pressure on the eyes, parts of the cheek, nose. The main symptoms will include cough, bad breath, and fever etc. Sinus infection can be prevented by taking influenza vaccination yearly, avoid people with flu or cold. It is better to have the hand washing habits, avoid allergies and pollutants.

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