Denture Creams' Health Risks

Dentures are almost always worn by people of old age. However, anyone can wear a denture which is why it is not surprising when the side effects of denture creams have affected a lot of people in different age groups.

There are quite a number of people who have experienced a numbing and painful sensation on their hands and feet and have led them to become immobile that they need devices in order to support their hands and feet. Some other complications came in the form of pregnancy complications, copper deficiency, anemia, and nerve damage that can result into paralysis. These are all attributed to the zinc found in denture creams that when taken in large amounts can cause poisoning.

It is quite depressing to know that the potential side effects of denture creams have already been known by its manufacturers yet they did not inform the public about it. These manufacturers reasoned that there are directions that came with the product on the amount of denture cream to be used in order to stay away from the complications of the product. Yet, these people are only interested to make their denture creams stick which is why they use large amounts of denture creams to make their dentures stick in its place which is its primary goal.

As litigation against both companies gains momentum, Procter & Gamble may capitulate on its decision to manufacture Fixodent with zinc. The publication of additional scientific findings linking the zinc in denture creams to neurological problems might have a similar effect. While researchers have known about the link between too much zinc, too little copper, and neurological problems for some time, it was only in the last few years that they began to understand that the zinc in denture creams was a likely culprit in patients with neuropathy.

the possible dangers of denture creams that was not informed by the manufacturer to the public is enough to file for a lawsuit. A denture cream settlement will be given to every individual who has used the product that got affected with its damages and a lawsuit will facilitate for this compensation to eb received.

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