Dealing With Childhood Obesity with Summer Weight Loss Camps

Parents of overweight children realize how frustrating it can be to deal with the problem. The problem is that there are many factors which encourage children to eat too much and become obese.

One issue is that most children spend all day at school and parents have no ability to control what they eat. Most of their waking lives will be spent at school. When your kids are at school they also spend the majority of their day sitting down. This means that your kids will not be getting enough exercise. Schools have had their budgets cut and this has meant that school children no longer have physical education every day. The educational demands on our kids have increased and this meant that the recess times have shrunk. Most schools have physical education lessons once or twice a week and each session typically only lasts 20 minutes.

Another problem with schools is that the food on offer is generally poor quality and not nutritious. It’s often made with refined carbohydrates and a lot of fat. Popular kid’s meals at school include: pizza, instant mashed potato, battered fish, tacos, and chicken nuggets. Most schools offer things like salads as a healthier alternative but most children don’t choose to eat them. For desert there are yogurts and jelly, both of which are very high in sugar content. Few kids will ever choose to eat fresh fruit or vegetables.

In defense of schools, they really cannot take all of the blame as they have to work within tight budgets. It’s up to the whole of the world to deal with this situation and start finding solutions. It may not be possible to fix all of the problems at school; however there are also other factors which can cause obesity in children.

One great solution might be using summer weight loss camps. There are many different types of fitness camps including after school programs, weekend, or even summer break weight loss camps for teens. The goal of most of these programs is to teach children how to live their life healthily. Teaching children how to eat and exercise healthily should mean that the effects of the holiday camp are long lasting.

It’s important that you do everything you possibly can at home. Try to change your own life so that your kids don’t get back into their old habits. You can even pack your own lunch for your children to take to school rather than them eating the school lunch that’s on offer. Encourage your children to do some form of physical activity in their free time.

It’s impossible to control everything that our kids do when they go to school, however we can change their habits for the better so that they live a healthy life. These habits will change the way that your children live and will carry on benefiting them even when they leave school and get a job. Teach them the importance of exercise and healthy eating, or have a weight loss camp help you do so, so that they always know that this can make them healthy.

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