Dealing With Anxeity Attacks A Better Way.

An anxiety attack is an irrational and unfounded fear which causes an individual to constantly worry and fret over the smallest of things. This attack may occur at any time without any warning and the victim becomes incapable of clear thought and action. This paralyzing fear accompanies with it a variety of physical changes such as profuse sweating, increase in the heart beat, incoherent speech, an upset stomach, blurred vision, nausea, pain in the chest and such.

The attack may last a few seconds or up to half an hour. Some may encounter attacks with mild intensity and for few others it may be intolerable. Every body and anybody can get this attack and it can dealt with easily with proper psychological, emotional support combined with correct medication. Nowadays this disorder having genetic roots is common sight to see.

It is important than an anxiety related disorder is treated early as soon as the symptoms start showing. The support of the family, friends and intervention at the right time can cure this condition to a great degree. If allowed to persist for a long period of time, it may become difficult to treat and the patients may take longer to respond to treatment. Experts suggest that a correct proportion of self help, counseling, medication and alternative therapies would cure anxiety attacks for good. It is important that a therapist, doctor, counselor or a mental health specialist be contacted as soon one feels that he or she may be experiencing anxiety attack symptoms.

A medical expert begins his investigation with a medical examination to know whether the patient has any other complication like sugar, thyroid or cholesterol. Then medicines are then prescribed to treat this problem and sedatives are given to calm the patient and relieve muscle stress,These people advise you to have a balanced diet and lose weight and also go for a routine work out or involve in yoga to relieve your tension and be refreshed and comfortable.

Various symptoms like fear, nervousness, paleness, slow breathing, queasiness, and unsettled stomach are very common in anxiety disorder patients. Depending of the mental state and symptoms of the patient the treatment can be done to cure this disorder.

You need to have your lifestyle changed and combine it with therapy and medicines to get results faster. The results may be immediate in some cases and it may be alit bit slow in other cases and so a patient has to b encouraged and supported through out the treatment period .Doctors by all means try to alleviate the symptoms and check the recurrence of anxiety attacks. Behavioral therapy is used to find out the underlining cause of the problem and treat it accordingly. Cognitive theory and hypnosis comes to our aid in treating this case

It is important that you educate yourself and arm yourself with knowledge regarding the treatment options available for victims either you or a person known to you is suffering from anxiety related issues. Keeping quite about it and not seeking treatment would only worsen the condition. Read up on the available material on the internet or in medical journals. Find out about the latest breakthrough drugs and therapies available. Self help also goes a long way in ridding one of these disorders. The person can help himself or herself by being more aware of the reality and trying to understand that the fears and apprehension are unfounded and irrational. The more the person trains their own mind to be in the reality, faster the results are likely to show.

Article by Beth Kaminski who is an expert in anxiety disorder. For more information on panic attack cure, visit her site today.

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