Critical Guidelines On Juice Fasting And Your Wellness Regimen

Restricting your menu to liquids in the morning is an excellent way to aid your body’s natural repair cycles. If you like to have breakfast every morning, by sticking to juices only you can still maintain this habit. As juices may be easily carried around, the chances are that you can persuade your spouse or your kids to indulge in this healthier habit.

Fasting on juices, or drinking vegetable juices regularly is not hard, and it has tremendous health benefits, if you do it right. This means choosing the best and HEALTHIEST method of cleansing your body of the buildup of toxins that have accumulated over days, weeks, months, and, for some of us, even years! You can fast once a week with vegetable juices and drink mostly vegetable juices almost every morning for breakfast, which is a healthy way to keep your body fresh, strong, and best of all, healthy!

A light morning meal centered around holistic nutrition will leave you feeling energized and ready to begin the day. At breakfast time, you’re looking for something easy to digest and fruits and juices are ideal, high in nutrients, yet with few calories. Much healthier than fried eggs and bacon! You should also consider that your stomach will be empty when you wake up in the morning and this is a good time to perform a cleanse with fresh vegetable juice. You will not have to worry about constipation anymore with this form of holistic nutrition.

I want to tell you how easy it is to take on board the concept of holistic nutrition and transform your life. We’ll start by asking a few simple questions: What’s in your wellness regimen? Do I include enough aerobic exercise? Do I get enough rest? Meditation? Do I eat nutritious food? Ideally, your regimen should include on top of this juice fasting to cleanse and revitalize the body.

Picture in your mind those fresh juices flowing through your digestive tract and imagine this vitality as it begins your body cleansing. Think of these juices as a powerful river that is filling your body with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients while, at the same time, removing mucus forming foods from your diet.

Mucus forming foods? What’s that? In a nutshell, these are foods that are acid forming, reducing your body’s vitality and making recovery difficult. Some of the foods that have higher acidic content include dairy items like butter, cottage cheese and milk. They also include meats, poultry, and fish products. As you can probably see by now, these are the type of foods that you would regularly buy at the grocery store and almost certainly form part of your standard diet.

When you fast with juice, you get rid of the buildup of messy mucus in your system that takes place when you consume acidic foods — it sounds graphic and upsetting, but that’s the way it is. It also cleanses the body of chemicals, toxins, and other harmful materials that you consume, inhale, or otherwise absorb through your environment. While all this is going on, the fresh juices that you consume will make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Get ready to tune up your body from the inside out by juice fasting. Your internal systems and organs will thank you for this and you will aid in weight loss, make your skin look much more vibrant and it will leave you with more energy too. And, it offers many other health benefits as well.

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