Create An Educated Muscle Mass Building Plan

Eating healthy foods and regular exercise are the boring but key elements to building up your muscle bulk. If you eat sensibly, you will be able to fuel the muscle fibre repair and regrowth that is critical for increasing the size of your muscles. When you push weights, you effectively break the bundles of muscle fibres that make up your muscles. You need to feel the pain that is associated with this tearing. You must then let your muscles heal, so that they can regenerate. It is the muscle regeneration that leads to increased muscle size.

The first step to creating a muscle workout program is to identify your goals. If you want stronger, toned up muscles, you need to build endurance. So develop a training regime around high repetitions. Obviously, you wont be able to lift heavy weights with this regime. If you want to bigger muscles, then you need to hurt them. So, go for heavier weights. Clearly, your repetitions will drop.

If you’re a weight training novice, spend six weeks preparing your body at home with daily exercises such as press-ups and sit-ups. Seek help at your gym from a qualified trainer, who will show you hos to do each exercise properly. If anyone suggests the use of anabolic steroids steer clear. They are illegal, dangerous and unecessary. There are nutritional supplements you could consider using. ECA Stack are combinations of various nutritional supplements that will enhance your ability to train effectively.

Beginners should do a full workout two times a week, using multi-muscle exercises rather than targeting specific body parts. Keep the workouts short – no longer than 55 minutes – and change your programme after 6-8 weeks, since muscle can become used to the same exercise.

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