Consuming Dark Chocolate Has A Positive Result On Eyesight

Everyone is aware that consuming plenty of fruit and veg is advantageous for your eyes and may help to fend off some vision problems. But did you know that consuming chocolate is also beneficial for vision and may give you better sight?

The result of a recent study proved that folks who ate dark chocolate experienced an improvement of their eyesight. The enhancement primarily concerned motion detection and vision sharpness, a couple of the visual abilities that usually go down after long hours of close vision work and with age.

Hence why is chocolate advantageous for eyesight? The favorable effect of chocolate on vision is thanks to some of the unique substances it contains. In fact, the same nutrient elements can be found in wine and green tea as well . Additionally, these nutrients have a strong anti-oxidant effect and thus not only provide temporary beneficial results on eyesight but minimize the damage of free radicals and delay ageing.

Nevertheless fostering good eye health and possibly improving eyesight naturally thru a healthy nutrition plan is only possible if you follow the three essential guidelines of a vision-friendly nutrition plan: balance, variety and moderation. While consuming chocolate has a helpful result on eyesight, consuming too much chocolate is most likely harmful for the eyes as well as for your general health. In spite of everything, chocolate is considered a high-sugar food and the rapid elevation of blood glucose sugar levels after the consumption of sugary foods has a bad effect on eye health.

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