Common Psoriasis Remedies

If you have been getting scaly red, dry patches on your body then you have psoriasis. Whether psoriasis is an infection or an allergy is not yet clear. In addition to the physical discomfort of psoriasis, the sufferer also becomes very self-conscious of the condition. Some people even choose to wear clothing that completely covers the affected area.

The issue of psoriasis can be treated, and there are several different options for doing so. The following is a list of different soothing measures you can take to help calm or even cure the psoriasis.

1. Keeping the skin hydrated is a very important step. Taking a swim or soaking in the tub can help reduce the itching and swelling, it will also help to soften any areas that are scaly, so that the scales may be easily removed. Make sure that you are using tepid water instead of hot, as hot water will further irritate the skin.
2. Prolonged soaking in a bath will remove the oils from your skin, so post bath lotions will become necessary to replenish the moisture. A regular moisturizing routine will help keep your skin soft and combat the effects of psoriasis.
3. While choosing a bathing soap be very careful not to choose a soap that dries your skin. Some soaps are harsh and can further dry out your skin. Be sure to use a mild soap, preferably one that has a moisturizer base.
4. Keeping the air in your house humid may help. It is recommended that you keep a simple humidifier in your room.
5. Psoriasis can be further aggravated by certain medications, like lithium, beta-blockers, and anti-malarials, to name a few. During your doctor visits, make it a point to tell your doctor about your psoriasis, as this may effect what type of medication they prescribe for you.
6. Psoriasis can be worsened by scratching, sun burn or by rough clothing.
7. Psoriasis causes more problem when you are overweight, so it is very important that you lose weight in order to be comfortable.
8. Many common infections, such as strep, can trigger psoriasis and should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If you have noticed symptoms like fever or a severely sore throat, you should make an appointment with your family physician.

As of now, psoriasis has no proper treatments, its just these psoriasis remedies and natural cures that will help you in relieving yourself from this problem.

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