Common Heartburn Causes

Most humans will experience heartburn at least once. although there are foods that cause problems for a lot of people, the same ones won’t be responsible for causing heartburn in every case. You can get a general idea of the various foods that should and shouldn’t trigger you to have heartburn attacks, but unless you really stop and evaluate what you’ve eaten immediately before the pain begins, you aren’t going to know those that are specific to you. There are many possible causes, so you may have a hard time narrowing down the culprits

Your doctor won’t be able to diagnose the particular problem for you. Instead, you may need to keep a food diary for a number of weeks to find patterns in what you eat and when you have heartburn. Eliminating certain foods from your diet is much better than taking medications to combat the pain. Some people experience heartburn after eating oranges and tomatoes. You will simply need to make a few diet changes in this case.

The main problem may be our particular culture. People in our country eat lots of the foods that may trigger acid reflux problems including fried and spicy foods, a high concentration of fats, and simply the fact that Americans tend to eat two or three large meals a day rather than spreading their food intake out into several smaller meals. Eating too much at one sitting can cause heartburn. If you allow your stomach to become full, then acid can more easily travel back into your esophagus.

You may even experience heartburn because of exercise. Avoid exercising too soon after eating. If you have a hectic life, then you are also at risk. People with hectic lives commonly eat fast food more often. Fast food isn’t something you should eat a lot of if you want to avoid heartburn. Eat smaller meals at a leisurely pace in order to stop heartburn in its tracks. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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