Cleft Palate As A Birth Defect Of Using Topamax

When a woman is pregnant, she should always be careful when taking in any kinds of medicine. Whatever the woman will take in will always affect the condition of her child. Recently, it has been found out to result into babies having cleft palate resulting from their mother taking in a certain kind of medicine.

Let us take a look about what cleft palate is all about. Cleft palate is a kind of facial deformity that is developed while an individual is still in the womb. It is characterized by a certain space between certain facial parts. Complications can result in this situation. Although it is not a threat to the child’s health, it can have an effect on the child’s psychological condition. More than the psychological complications of having a child with cleft palate, this can also affect the child’s way of feeding and speech. It can even cause ear disease. With this, one might be inclined to ask on how to treat babies with cleft in order to avoid these situations. There is a big problem when it comes to treating a child with this kind of condition. As babies cannot stand the kind of operation one has to go through in order to fuse these facial parts. It is necessary that the baby must reach 10 years old before he/she may be operated from the condition. And 10 years can cover enough social and psychological complications to make the child suffer.

There are different conditions on how a baby can be affected with clef palate. However, one recently known factor is the taking in of Topamax by pregnant women. Seizures are the main problem topamax is trying to prevent. In other words, it is an anticonvulsant drug. The drug has a lot of dangerous side effects and not only this birth defect.

The Food and Drug Administration has already approved this durg. As much we want to eradicate this product, it has been very helpful as experiencing seizures is such a life threatening situation. To minimize problems, the FDA is requiring Topamax to put a birth defect warning as a label on the drug . This can help in saving babies from suffering clef palate.

If this drug has affected you and your babies, let your right be respected. A legal compensation should be provided on the suffering this side effect has caused you. Immediately contact a Topamax lawyer and know what you need to do. You can receive a free legal consulation.

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