Choosing The Right Permanent Hair Removal Method

Nowadays, if you want to look and feel truly stunning, you’re going to need to eliminate any unwanted or unsightly hair from your person. There are an assortment of methods for accomplishing this, though few actually offer permanent hair removal. Thanks to some advances in modern science, one might even be able to accomplish permanent hair removal at home.

The Laser Hair Removal Option

If you want permanent hair removal that’s convenient, consider giving laser hair removal a try. It’s quick, it’s not too painful and it will get rid of unwanted body hair for once and for all. The downside is that it’s not for everybody. Those with thin or wispy body hair won’t see as good results, for example. Folks with darker skin also don’t fair quite as well with it. Generally, those with darker hair than skin do better with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal might also require multiple sessions, since it doesn’t always provide the same types of results in any area where it’s been applied.

The Electrolysis Option

Electrolysis is another effective and popular permanent hair removal option. Generally performed on small areas of the body like the chin, lips or bikini area, because of its involved nature, it’s not recommended for larger areas that might have excess hair like the back, legs or arms. Patients report that this is one of the most painful of all hair removal medthods. That there’s pain isn’t too surprising when you consider that the procedure involves plunging a needle into each and every hair follicle. Electrolysis is also the most expensive permanent hair removal method. Some patients also report minor scarring after treatment. This is less and less the case however, with some of the newer, more modern methods and needles being used. This is why it’s incumbent upon the patient to find a facility using the most cutting edge approach available.

Prescription Medication

Another emerging trend in permanent hair removal is a new crop of prescription medications. These oral medications use enzymes to cease the formation of new hair cells. After a while, this process works by shutting down the hair follicles completely. This process is often long and leaves the user to continue removing hair by shaving or other means until the drugs run their course. There is also a concern associated with these drugs, since each one boasts its own bavvy of annoying and potentially harmful side-effects. Taking prescription drugs as a means of permanent hair removal is also the cheapest of the three methods discussed here.

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