Chemotherapy Treatment

As a disease cancer consists of the uncontrolled malignant cellular growth, the invasion of organs and the metastasis. The cause for this disease is believed to be the interaction of environmental toxins and the genetic susceptibility. Basically, the principle that makes a chemotherapy drug functional is the impairment of the cellular division of tissues with a fast growth rate. The damage they produce among cells, gives chemotherapy drugs the name of cytotoxic medication.

Among the other uses of the chemotherapy drug and cytostatic chemotherapy agents there are the treatment of autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis) and the suppression of transplant rejections. More modern cancer treatments known as targeted therapy use anti-cancer medication that attacks only the abnormal proteins in cancer cells.

The category of inhibitors comes next. The topoisomerase inhibitors separate and copy the DNA strands efficiently treating leukemia. The mitotic inhibitors are more natural-based derived from plants and they help in preventing enzymes from producing proteins required in cell reproduction. Even so, cancer patients undergo a huge risk with any chemical treatment they follow: these chemotherapy drugs may cause peripheral nerve damage to count only one of the health threats you may fear.

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Such modern drugs target a molecular abnormality in peculiar types of cancer such as chronic myelogenous leukemia or gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Besides these, there is also the category of drugs that modulate the tumor cell behavior without directly attacking those cells. From these so-called adjuvant therapies, the hormone treatment will be commonly used.

All in all, side effects of chemotherapy are a challenge and scientists do their best to discover ways to reduce them. Even if one solution to preventing side effects from appearing is available, the same solution may not work for another drug that leads to the same problem. The same goes for hair loss; the cold cap may have the wanted effect of doing away with alopecia only in the case of certain drugs, but it may not work with some other ones.

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