Can You Eliminate Receding Gums? – Three Ideas For Everyone

Receding gums are a problem for most people, especially the aging ones, and is commonly characterized by the changes in teeth anatomy. Several factors may be contributing to gum recession. Gum recession may be caused by abnormal tooth position. Tooth crowding obviously stretches the gums so that only some of the teeth are covered well. In hereditary cases, individuals develop this disorder early on. But even in hereditary cases, bad brushing habits may be the trigger. In any case, you have to stop this phenomenon of gum recession before it completely destroys your teeth and your smile. I present to you 3 tips to prevent receding gumline.

1. Proper Brushing

Some people have ignorantly been causing the disorder by overaggressive brushing. If your gums bleed after you brush your teeth, you should consider getting a soft-bristle toothbrush. Using a soft-bristle toothbrush, use rhythmic up and down movement to brush your teeth and alternate with circular strokes to sweep the teeth area. You should slow down when you’re on the gum line.

If the issue is not in your toothbrush or the way you brush, it may be the products you are using on your teeth. Some toothpaste brands are extremely ridden with chemicals that can contribute to the continual recession of gums.The appropriate toothpaste for you may be a gentler one.

2. Regularity in Oral Hygiene

Popping mints or chewing gums right after eating is not enough to keep your breath fresh. Bacteria colonies develop a few minutes after eating, which could disrupt the normal flora inside your mouth. These bacteria keep eating away at the precious gum tissues keeping your teeth together. These bacteria don’t live on your teeth, but stay around the gum line.

Some chewing gum brands claim to contain compounds that can fight bacteria, but these too may not be enough to stop bacterial proliferation. Proper brushing can remove the debris that continues to stay on the teeth even after you chew your mints.

3. Visit a Dentist Regularly

A visit to the dentist may take a chunk off your timetable but this is necessary if you feel that your gums are receding. A dentist is someone who can give you proper advice when it comes to gum and teeth issues. Receding gums happen at any time, and more frequently as you get older. You may also need to drastically alter your lifestyle if you smoke or chew tobacco, as these things contribute to gum recession.

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