Can Lupus Cause Adult Bed Wetting?

One of the causes of adult bed wetting is the autoimmune disease Lupus Nephritis. But before you go jumping to any conclusions, adult bed wetting can have many underlying causes.

It is definitely an indication of a problem to be bed wetting as an adult and as such should be investigated. To diagnose Lupus as the cause of this bed wetting requires a very detailed analysis as adult bed wetting may be caused by any number of kidney or bladder conditions. Bed wetting as an adult does not immediately imply that the patient has Lupus.

A doctor should always be consulted if you or a loved one suffers from adult bed wetting. This is certainly not a normal situation, and generally indicates that something is physically wrong. It is also important to not that this type of bed wetting cannot normally be cured by behavioral modification alone. Behavioral modification is generally only used on bed wetting for children.

Medication can be used to control urination when the underlying cause of adult bed wetting is Lupus, rather than any of the other possible underlying causes.

Keeping your self-esteem high is a very important part of dealing with a condition like Lupus. You should not let the condition cause you low self esteem problems as these will invariably bleed over into other aspects of your life such as your work and your family.

All conditions like this will cause a certain amount of mental anguish, but its important that you keep your chin up and control the mental aspect of the problem as well as the physical.

Bed wetting no matter what the cause can be very distressing, and its important that you tackle it with the correct mental attitude to ensure success in the treatment of the symptoms and the underlying cause.

Adult bed wetting induced by Lupus should always be discussed with your doctor. But in addition to traditional medicine, alternative therapies such as hypnosis and alternative medicines can help reduce the frequency and severity of the adult bed wetting episodes. They have worked for other people, why not for you ?

Ingrid Preube
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