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Problem: About the time we started school, we had already learnt to slump anytime we sit down – in front of the TV, at the computer, dinner table and desks. Year in, year out, our core muscles have been trained to completely relax and switch off every time we sit. Try it now! – gently feel your abdomen as you sit and read this article. All a bit soft? Can you feel any muscle tone? ☺

Solution: Buy Weights!… and then use them ☺

Unfit, untoned muscles, particularly in our core muscles, leave us wide open to injury. Toned and healthy muscles are the closest thing we have to an insurance policy against muscular injury…let alone how great they look!

A recent article on Google News, named ‘Strength For Life”, by Central Avenue Physiotherapy, also discusses this topic: “An important form of exercise is resistance training which is vital for overall health and well-being. Charles Poliquin, one of the top strength coaches of this era, has stated that the single biggest factor for longevity and quality of life is how much lean muscle mass a person carries…” To read more, click here: Strength For Life Article

Resistance training is a great and effective way to keep all your muscles toned, balanced and healthy, warding off those unwanted injuries. Resistance training is more commonly associated with utilizing weight machines in gyms. Most gyms have a number of weight training machines which work specific muscles in isolation.

However, the effectiveness of these weight training machines is often quite limited in training for everyday movements and sports. This is because they target specific muscles, as opposed to all the muscles involved in the movements. Also, membership of such a facility to access these machines can be quite costly.

So – joining the gym something you’ve been trying to avoid… then what can you do?

Functional resistance training is the way to go! Functional training adapts or develops everyday body movements into exercises, which tones & strengthens all the muscles involved in the movement, as well as engaging the stabilizers and peripheral muscles… rather than just a specific few muscles as in machine training. This leads to better muscular balance, joint stability with muscles strengthened and toned to perform their full range of motion, with ease and full control.

Sounds good?… but where do you begin with functional resistance training?…

Step One: Buy Weights! ☺ There’s a variety of free weights available. Kettlebells, weighted bars, dumbbells, weighted plates, medicine balls etc. Check them out and see what suits you best. Visit Buy Weights now! to order from the range of discount free weights available. There are instructional handbooks also available for each style of free weight, so don’t forget to grab the handbook for your chosen type of free weights.

Step II: Begin regular training with free weights for great results… FAST!

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