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Bodybuilding has been a sport for decades and is defined as the process of maximizing muscles for competition. There are many strategies utilized to accomplish this including specialized nutrition, supplements in the form of steroids and plenty of rest between workouts. Bodybuilding steroids are illegal to possess in many countries and are sought after in the black market. By law, physicians are not allowed to write a prescription for them with the intent of muscle enrichment. There is a huge risk involved with content safety and health concerns.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an amino acid produced by the brain. People often thought taking supplements that work with HGH, increased energy and supported lean body mass. Research has now shown that muscle development is advanced by countering that which is responsible for reducing production. Myostatin is a protein found in the gene sequence of DNA. Its sole purpose is to moderate the muscle growth during body maturity from birth to adulthood. Animals and humans with little to no myostatin are rare. Those who lack this protein are healthy, but quite muscular in body build.

A natural substance in existence that blocks the myostatin protein has recently been discovered. They are released to the early embryo in eggs for growth and development. After being consumed, the substance disappeared out of the system in just a few days. After eating fertilized eggs, the substance disappeared out of the body within days. This knowledge began the pharmaceutical production of Myo-T12. Taking the supplement reduces myostatin levels in half within 12-18 hours. This is not a permanent block and body levels will return to normal in 24-30 hours. Bodybuilders who regularly workout while taking Myo-T12 will see dramatic increases in muscle growth. Like all supplements, abuse of this product can result in serious side effects.

Retired body builders have found that myostatin is linked to fat deposition. Those individuals who only work out a few hours per week want their bodies to remain lean while eliminating excess flab. Myo-T12 may also be manufactured one day as a weight loss supplement for chronically obese people. Combining the supplement with regular exercise greatly improves the quality of life for this population. Another use discovered by scientists is a healing agent for physical suffering. Since most injuries occur with the limbs, myostatin inhibitors can improve the regeneration of muscles. Myostatin inhibitors improve the restoration of muscles and result in more rapid recoveries.

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