Billions Of Medical Tourism Project Investment Dollars Flowing Flying Into Costa Rica

One of the huge issues in my move to the Flamingo, Tamarindo area was my research which found that Real-estate inside a forty mile radius of a world airfield is over time the best performing real-estate demographic there is. My thinking was like this Ok here we’ve got a new global airfield, and over the road, here we have cows grazing.Looked like ground floor to me. The other consideration was I loved the fact that the map proved that Playa Potrero was a dead end on the map with miles of undeveloped beach front and jungle just waiting to be explored. So I jumped in the jeep with my dog Seikan and drove from Boston to Potrero and set up home there without having especially seen Potrero. That journey will be a tale for another day.
The point of this piece is that structure has changed into a hot subject once again however this time in an exceedingly positive light and it has broad sweeping ramifications for the way forward for Costa Rica and for our reach of vision today ; Guanacaste.
The most promising and grand change that is occurring in Guanacaste today and which will cement the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica as a highly sought retirement, and alternative lifestyle destination is the construction of the new $160 Million buck Cima Hospice annex just outside of Liberia and only a short way from the aforementioned International Airport. Yes there are a still a few cows left across the road but they’re now sharing the area with a few grand hostels, commercial centres, great import export warehouses, and of course a few million tacky billboards : More about that in a minute.
Yet the biggest news for the future of tourism and development in the beach areas of Guanacaste are a couple of projects that revolve around and include Grupo Do It, the famous developers behind the Do It Center in Liberia and all of which are targeted especially at Medical Tourism Dollars. Hospital Cima broke ground on November 2nd after many delays on a $160 million dollar project that includes 42 spaces for personal clinics and other retail outlets. A grand total of 220,000 square meters will be developed in stages over a period of one or two years. The hospital will be located at the entrance of a housing development called Pacific Piazza, adjacent to the Do-it Center, designed to be a place that concentrates on integrated health services to a retirement community. Above left is the rendered view of the completed project.

A similar project suggested by Clinica Biblica in partnership with Sun Ranch Retirement Community ( another Grupo Do It offshoot ) includes some fifty acres heading for the state of the art Clinica Biblica Hospital with managed living and long term care, including 200 rooms, with one wing specifically designed for after care / post operative recovery. This project is far reaching in scope and also can include Casino, restaurants, and a convention center, also 15 acres for a branded medical / hotel Spa, wellbeing center, pools and other first-class Medical Travel facilities and lastly five hundred acres for the Robert Trent Jones Jr. Designed championship golfing course with five star hotels and home development. While this project appears to now be on hold according to Sun Ranch the project is still a go.

So what does it all mean for Costa Rica Atenas Costa Rica and in particular Guanacaste?

What it implies is that opportunity is knocking at the door as far as medical tourism is concerned . Opportunities for big savings of almost seventy percent on everything from heart surgery to surgery and the standard of care is rated better than that of the united states. The central valley is before most parts of the country with reference to infrastructural development according to Dennis Easters and Gerardo Porras at Pure Life Development of Atenas Costa Rica, Rebecca Clower of Blue Water Properties of Playa Conchal Costa Rica in Northern Guanacaste welcomes the construction of the multimillion buck annex devoted to Medical Tourism and Medical Travel. Bringing modern medical facilities to this area joined with the major growth of the Daniel Obuder International Airfield close by and couple this with the great job the government has been doing on public road system of late, changes the whole picture for Guanacaste Real-estate. Our last giant boom cycle here were vacation and 2nd home owners using equity credit lines. Now we’re seeing a different type of client ; people that are looking out for a dream that is no longer reasonable in the U.S. This is leading to a rather more stable and tolerable expansion pattern here in Guanacaste and the beach area in general. New roads have opened up areas here that weren’t accessible before and today an impressive sea view lot can once again be had for under 100k.


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