Better Recovery From Pain With Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Locally applied magnetic necklaces are designed to treat people with sore shoulders and have been used in Japanese and Chinese medicine for ages. While magnetic therapy products are best used in conjunction with massage therapy and cold compresses, many people appreciate that these items are cost-effective.

Some scientists claim that the products work primarily because people want them to work, thus achieving the classic “placebo effect.” Even so, $5 billion is spent worldwide each year on these products as people use faith and alternative approaches to help them when nothing else has.

magnetic therapy bracelet
The advertised benefits of a magnetic necklace includes pain relief from the lower and upper back regions, the neck and shoulders, as well as migraine headache relief. Moreover, alternative medical therapies are recommended for chronic disorders like TMJ, fibromyalgia, lupus and arthritis.

The theory of magnetic pain relief is that the magnets will stimulate the blood’s iron, improving circulation and oxygenating the blood. When used alongside heat/cold compresses and massage therapy, the magnetic therapy products are said to work especially well.

In addition to magnetic jewellery and other magnetic health therapy, there is a procedure known as trans-magnetic stimulation, which is expensive but proven effective to treat certain medical conditions. Just this year alone, TMS is credited with awakening a man from a coma and helping a stroke victim to speak again!

Additionally, the FDA has approved the procedure to treat those suffering from chronic depression. For this non-invasive procedure, doctors use low electromagnetic waves and rapidly changing electromagnetic fields to excite brain neurons.

The side-effects are said to be slim to none, which is part of what makes this brief treatment so enticing to researchers.

magnetic therapy supplies
So are magnetic necklaces effective? In a January 2008 study, researchers at the University of Virginia found that magnets applied to inflamed rat tissue resulted in significant healing if applied just after the injury.

While almost all buyers are skeptical initially, magnetic therapy bracelets and necklaces seem to help when nothing else will.

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