Best Guide to The Majority Of Thinking Dieters Always Win… Some

And that’s not a positive step.

Think about it. Olympic all time hero, Mark Phelps, will be remembered forever. The other swimmers who finished second, the “losers”, have already been forgotten.

No matter what time of year of year, some sports playoffs are beginning somewhere. The “winners” get to stay and play. “Losers” get to go home and re-live their mistakes.

When Winter approaches here in South Carolina, the competition for the few remaining seeds and berries in our back yard gets serious. The “winners” spend their days, and nights, with full bellies. The “losers” make do with whatever scraps fall to the ground. (Always a less than satisfying diet)

Losing is NOTautomatically a good thing. Mind and body very actively resist loss…in any form.

DIETING “losers”, approaching a smorgasbord buffet, will see all the things that they “can’t have”; then pull out their calorie counting books and calculators to determine what, if anything, is “allowed” by their usually less than two week old “new, MIRACLE DIET’s” restrictions. They walk away feeling miserably deprived and hungry.

A couple of weeks of feeling deprived is about all the mind and body will allow. Enter: The binge stage. Miracle DIET is out the window. Within a few days, any weight “lost” will be regained–probably with a couple extra “insurance pounds”. That’s why they are called “CRASH DIETS”.

Winning dieters approach the same bountiful table and, if they are at all hungry, know that the diet they have been on since birth “allows”–actually encourages, “a little of this…and a little of that”. Hunger satisfied, they move on to some other pleasantness, feeling fully satisfied.

The intermittent CAPITALIZATION in this writing is intentional.

DIET refers to some artificially imposed “system for weight loss”. The various DIETS are for “losers”.

A diet, used in it’s original meaning, is simply “the sum total of what we eat”. By making a few, pleasant adjustments to a diet and lifestyle, it’s actually pretty easy to achieve (TO WIN) whatever weight goal is set–even if that goal is to gain weight.

Gaining weight is simply not a problem for most of the world’s population–over half of whom are currently overweight. So you see, we are not alone. Most of the people in the world could benefit from making those few, pleasant adjustments to their current diet and lifestyle.

Why and how do I keep emphasizing “few” and “pleasant” “adjustments”?

Easy. Gayle and I have been making those adjustments for nearly a month now; and they keep getting easier. You see, we are among the half of the world’s population who will never be striving to GAIN weight.

Our web site is all the evidence we need. We recently posted pictures and statistics; and will continue to do so the first of each month. Talk about a humbling experience!

Gayle is only overweight; but I’ve been in the “morbidly obese” category for a number of years. Between the two of us, there’s an extra 125 pounds.

And that’s AFTER an endless series of attempts to slim down. You name a DIET, and we have tried it: Everything from Nutrisystem to cabbage soup, Weight Watchers to Atkins, low fat and no fat, low carbs and high fiber, etc.

Turning the DIET world upside DOWN is turning our world right side UP.

No more LOSING for us. We already feel like WINNERS: and we are, ever so gradually, reaching the goals we have set.

Updates to follow. First of each month. More often if and when justified.

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