Be Grateful For Good Health. Losing Your Eyesight Or Hearing Would Make Things So Much More Complex And Prevent You From Doing So Many Things You Like

Everyone has diverse interests and hobbies which they become interested in over the years. Sometimes these are things which we are introduced to by parents and teachers whilst we are youngsters. Others we find out about from friends. Some we find ourselves after hearing about them or noticing them on television and others may grow out of jobs we have had. There are a number that we will lose interest in as we become older and others that we can only become involved in as adults.

I have a friend who has always spent her spare time sewing, and she has created some incredible clothing over the years. But she is now having problems with her vision, and until the seriousness of her problem is properly diagnosed, she doesn’t know if something can be done to improve her sight. But if not, she will have to cease doing the thing which she enjoys most.

This prompted me to think about some of my hobbies and how some of the things that I enjoy doing would be affected if my eyesight got worse or I started to go deaf. Since my absolute favourite addiction is music – listening to it, going to experience my favourite artists live, going to music festivals and collecting music related promotional items, I can’t even begin to comprehend how I would react if I could never play my favourite albums by my favourite bands ever again.

But on the other hand, most of my other hobbies depend a lot more on vision. I spend a lot of time reading and always have a huge mountain of books which I like the look of and am trying to find the time to sit and immerse myself in them. I enjoy with photography, so not being able to see clearly enough to get a good picture would be utterly annoying in the first place, but then not even managing to see at all to enhance the photos using the computer would make it worse.

I enjoy watching a variety of different sports, and although I assume that if I was watching a match on television, the commentator’s words would describe what I couldn’t view for myself, I’m not really certain that I would have as much fun going to a football match if I was unable to watch properly what was happening on the pitch. Another thing I enjoy doing is walking around historical buildings, museums and art galleries, and I’m sure it must be truly dreadful to not be able to see stunning pieces of art or beautiful pieces of architecture.

But that’s just a few of one person’s interests! There are so many different things that people like to do in their own time, and the likelihood of being able to do many of them would be seriously affected if the eyes cannot focus properly. Going back to the individual I referenced at the beginning of this article, any arts and crafts related hobbies would become difficult as well as things like woodwork and DIY. Those who get involved in a number of sports or other outdoor hobbies, like rock climbing or bird watching, would find it much more difficult to carry on with defective vision.

Naturally, not all sight or hearing difficulties are untreatable or permanent, so many people can often go back to what they enjoy doing once they’ve undergone diagnosis and treatment. On occasions that treatment can be as easy as a short course of drugs if the complaint is caused by some type of infection. In other situations, external aid can sort things out – a hearing aid, reading glasses, contact lenses or something like that, but with some hobbies these are not ideal. For someone who enjoys water sports and cannot wear glasses or lenses due to the water splashing, Laser eye treatment is a possibility to facilitate continuing participation, and as far as surgical procedures are concerned, Laser eye surgery is one of the less costly operations to have carried out.

Other more complex complaints may take longer to diagnose and then need more in depth treatment, but, for the eyes, Laser eye surgery is a fairly quick and easy fix for a number of complaints. Also, for some kinds of hearing problems, surgery is a possibility too.

I have some minor eyesight problems which are resolved by glasses (sadly Laser eye not usually available for my complaint), and I find it a nuisance always having to have my glasses with me, but just considering what people have to give up if they can no longer hear or see properly makes me grateful that I can still see clearly enough to do the things I like doing, and fortunately my hearing is just perfect, despite many years of loud music!

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