Back Pain Disease.

Most of us have never thought about his back, when it’s all right. We stand, sit, bend, turn and bend again through this miracle, invented by nature. But when a sore back, you are unlikely to be able to think about something else. No other pain does not affect so clearly. Even sleep does not help the pain in the back. In fact, about 15% of us know this too well, and more than 80% suffered from back pain at least once in their lifetime.

We all want to know, when experiencing back pain, how to get rid of it, or, at least for some time to relax its painful impact on our lives. Calm down, there is a hope! Being concerned about the back, you can significantly reduce the likelihood that the pain would come back to you. And giving a little tender loving care of his back, you can reduce the duration and severity of unpleasant sensations.

Among all the creatures that inhabit our planet, only people walk in the vertical position. Of course, using this feature, it is much easier to get a package of crisps, hid on the top shelf of the buffet, but walking upright is not always promised for back as good health. Walking on all four legs reduces the load on the spine. The effort required to maintain equilibrium, to a greater extent, falls on feet, not on back. However, walking on all fours today is unlikely to help people, so our internal organs are oriented to a vertical position.

If you belong to those lucky few, whose back hurts not often, it is likely that you are probably not even familiar with the device of this amazing structure. But if the attacks of pain and lumbagos are – it is the familiar reminder that you have a” spin, “You know how sometimes because of awkward movement, whole day turns upside down. Prolonged rest alters the natural curvature of the spine, causing a strain on the muscles and ligaments of the back. Stand up and walk around or stretch for 5-10 minutes. This should be done every half hour or so to relieve stress and help the spine to feel better. And by the way, answer this question. When you’re working sitting at the table, are you sitting on a fully adjustable, ergonomically designed chair or on any chair, which is close to you? If you chose the second option, then back problems may soon emerge. A good reference point is that your navel should be at a level of table top. If you put your hand on the keyboard while typing, you may interfere with their ability to drop on the keys in a natural way. This causes tension, which rises up to the shoulders and neck and down the spine. Try to put a cushion for the wrist to make wrist remain straight during the attacks on the keys.

Next time when you are ready to take a bath or shower, stand sideways in front of a mirror and look at your back. You will see a noticeable bend in the waist. When you sit, bend almost disappears, changing the relationship between the muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves. And we sit a lot. Many of us sit in their cars to get to work, sit all day behind a desk again, sitting in a car to drive home and then sit on the couch to relax. And if you stand at work, there is still the situation, difficult for your back. The key solution is to add life active steps to your to help your back stay healthy and strong.

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