Bach Flower Remedies Are Safe And Natural.

Bach flower remedies are known all over the world as emotional healers. The attitude to them differs greatly. Some think they are only the spring water with placebo effect, others claim that this is the only way to the new life and happiness. The scientists who study the effects of Bach essences and the way they work still cannot give the answer to this question. In any case Bach flower remedies help people and this system has lots of followers and practionners in different countries.

These remedies are safe and that’s why they are used even by those who don’t really believe in their effectiveness. Bach essences influence the feelings. They are intended to eliminate the negative states of mind and restore the inner balance of the patient. According to Dr. Bach this is quite enough to cope with any physical illness as each person has his own vital force. This concept seems strange to many people but they continue using the Bach remedies anyway as they help him feel calm and happy. The remedies can teach not to pay attention to trifles and perceive the world deeper.

The patients taking the remedies for long say that their attitude to their family, friends, work and the events of common life has changed though they don’t often notice it. The action of Bach remedies is tender and slight. They don’t interfere in the physical processes of the human body and in the action of other medicines which influence them. Their purpose is the soul and mind. They determine the way people think and feel not changing the initial state. Bach remedies just eliminate the negative emotions and thoughts. It doesn’t mean the person is no longer who he was before. He stays the same but has another attitude and point of view to life in general and in particular.

Bach remedies don’t have side effects and contra indications. They can be taken by children and grownups. There are special essences for pets and even for plants. They are used in case of emergency in order to overcome the sudden shock or fear and in case of sadness and loneliness. Each Bach remedy was created to help the person cope with the definite emotional problem. Dr. Bach thought that 38 flower essences are just enough. When the problem is too complicated, the essence mixture is prepared. The way to take it is the same to taking the single essence. The patient doesn’t need to be ill to take the Bach remedies. Doctors often prescribe them along with the common treatment.

Dr. Bach created his remedies so that they could be used with any other treatment. That’s why the patient is free to take them with the traditional medicines and the therapies of complementary medicines. The remedies don’t influence the effect of diets and other health care prescriptions. Their action is very narrow: they make us feel happier.

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