Bach Flower Essences Can Help With Emotional Disorder.

Each one of 38 Bach flower essences deals with the definite psychological problem. These problems are usually considered to be the reason of illness. These can be fear, lack of confidence, uncertainty, despair, loneliness etc. When starting the treatment with Bach flower essences every patient is prescribed with the definite remedy or the combination of them. The prescription depends on the particular problem the patient faces and whether it’s complex or not. The course is fully individual and can be adjusted when some results are achieved. One and the same remedy might cause different consequences for different people.

The adjustment might take from one week to several months. The prescription is made not only according to the properties of each flower essence but also according to the definite traits of character of the patient. For example, Impatiens is good when treating irritability and impatience, Mimulus is used in treating too shy and timid people, Olive acts vice versa and can bring calm to those who are overfilled with energy.

There are also remedies used to make the symptoms clearer. If the reason of the problem is not defined, then Holly, Star of Bethlehem and Wild Oat. The Bach flower essences are also proposed to be used as sedatives in case of sudden pain. They can help a patient to cope with the anxiety as a great part of pain feeling. In this case Rescue Remedy is a good solution. This remedy is the only combination created by Dr. Bach himself. It should be used against anxiety on the emergency situations and in case of sudden stress. Rescue remedy contains five essences and that’s why it is also known as Five Flower Remedy. The followers of Bach flower essence treatment strongly recommend to use it when preparing to render first aid when the stress is very likely to strike the patient.

Dr. Bach claims that the way the essences help is the energy transfer. He believes that the plant energy s very close to those of people and that’s why it can be transferred from the preserved essences to the individual. This energy is supposed to restore the inner energy balance which is affected by the disease. The energy balance means the harmony between the conscious and unconscious and thus the disease is eliminated and the patient recovers. Negative feelings and emotions, psychological problems are thought to be the real reason of the negative physical state.

Nevertheless, the adherents of the traditional medicine are sure that the essences work only because of placebo effect and no more properties can be used in treatment. But there are different studies devoted to the mechanism of the Bach flower essence influence which prove that the things are not that simple. However it is, it seems to work and everyone can try it himself.

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