Are You Setting A Good Example For Your Children By Cigarette Smoking?

Think you are a good parent? Did you provide a great example and understand that with regards to the learning habits of many youngsters, exactly what they see is what they do? We’d choose to reckon that we set good examples and bring up our children correctly. Yet whilst we would make sure to teach them pleasantness and the way to behave in polite society, in case they see us lighting up a cigarette as a part of an apparently habitual regime, what do you think they will do as they grow older?

Many parents which might be also smokers are secretly worried their children might also turn out to be smokers themselves. They already know there is a certain amount of peer pressure working in the social situations which they might come across as they mature and that this might be they, themselves, were exposed to smokes during their youth. They must be clearly conscious that their kids are even more susceptible to pick up that first cigarette in a social situation when it has been “okay” for those years at home. Why not stop smoking, immediately?

Setting a perfect example is really important, but when it comes to the act of smoking even though it’s a life or death situation. As being an adult you may be well aware of the health risks and still have seen, maybe first-hand through others, what can happen if you are not successful with any attempts to stop smoking. You are duty-bound to dissuade them from starting the habit, but this is surely will be tough to do if you’re still doing it yourself. It’s actually a question of saying one thing and doing another, which is hardly the way to set a good example, after all.

Quite apart from setting an example, children who are forced to grow up in a home where smoking is rampant are far more likely to develop illnesses themselves as a direct result of second-hand smoke inhalation.

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