Always Avoid Stress And Sugar Addiction, Implement Holistic Nutrition

Not surprisingly, all of us constantly hear about how comfort food will make us feel better and happier, as it gives us a haven for when we feel stressed or tired, but we often fail to understand that these “times of enjoyment” can also represent a crucial aspect of our out-of-control sugar addiction. Comfort foods make us forget about all those trials and tribulations, are typically easy to prepare and are easily accessible. They can often contain a significant amount of refined sugar and have questionable, if any holistic nutrition value.

Stress is an everyday occurrence in all our lives. For whatever reasons, some individuals are better equipped to deal with it than others. The recent recession around the world has added on a great deal of additional stress, and in many ways, it’s challenging us more than ever before. A significant percentage of the population chooses to reach for external influences and “fixes” to manage their uncomfortable stress levels, often looking toward cigarettes and alcohol or maintaining a diet which is based primarily around comfort foods.

Stress and diet can be inexorably linked and if we are not able to control our stress, we can certainly add to it by eating very poorly. Sugar addiction is prevalent in modern society as its inherent ability to enhance flavors and add marketability to some otherwise bland food and drinks has endeared it to the manufacturers.

What is commonly considered to be comfort food could just as easily be termed stress food, as when we look toward these kinds of products we’re attempting to modify some sort of situation that we’re currently dealing with. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t realize that when they add sugar-based products and super-refined sugars to what they eat in such situations, they can greatly aggravate the issue or the stress they were trying to deal with. When we are stressed, our natural digestive processes may not function as well and the interaction of the sugar with our existing body chemicals can cause our stressful situation to become apparently worse. What we set out to try and temper, can be aggravated in this way.

Experts in holistic health solutions recognize that sugar addiction is a primary contributor to the very stress that we are feeling in the first place. Our over-reliance on sugar has undoubtedly accumulated over time and is contributing to a chemical imbalance within. This makes it more difficult to deal with everyday stresses and strains, and the vicious circle can be repeated when we turn to comfort foods to try and remedy our symptoms.

It is important to understand that a certain amount of stress is a vital ingredient and makes the human body function well. It can generally create good brain function and a level of awareness allowing us to deal with our complex lives. However, when stress becomes overbearing it can be very difficult to deal with, can lead to irrational decisions, the potential for long-term health problems and a significant sugar addiction, all of which must be contained if we want to live long and fulfilling lives.

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