Advice To Find The Best Snore Mouthpiece To Comfortably Stop Your Loud Snoring

If you have never used a mouthpiece for snoring you are probably wondering if an anti snore mouth guard would be a snoring solution that would work well for you and would be comfy and convenient to use. There are more than seventy different snoring mouthpieces available ( if you count both the different types that dentists offer and the snoring devices you’ll be able to get on the internet or over-the-counter at drug stores or other retail stores ). Wow, that could be a lot to select from! You are probably thinking, “How am I ever going to find what works best for me without spending plenty of money and time trying different ones out?”

Well to help with that decision here’s a list of the most frequent questions from those searching for a snoring mouthpiece. For each of these questions there’s a link at the bottom of this article to a comparison chart and additional information of how the different snoring mouthpieces on the market stack up to one another. The extra resource articles found on that website link will resolve any questions not addressed on the comparison chart.

  • Will it allow my jaw to move side to side so that I will be comfortable if I grind my teeth in my sleep?
  • Will it work for both snoring and sleep apnea?
  • How comfortable is it to wear, that is, is it easy to fall asleep with?
  • Will it be comfortable to use with a TMJ problem?
  • Will it work for a small mouth?
  • Can I adjust and trim it myself?
  • Is it easy to use, that is, anyone can fit it?
  • Will it replace my CPAP?
  • Can it be used with dentures or removable partials?
  • Can the snoring mouthpiece be adjusted in different forward positions for optimal results?
  • Will it change my bite or move my teeth?
  • How effective is it, that is, will it stop 99% of my snoring?
  • Can it be used with an under bite?
  • Is it made in the USA from FDA approved materials?
  • Can it be used with a severe overbite?

As you can imagine, if a snoring device is created in a dentist’s office then a lot of these questions would not apply. Since dentist-made snoring mouthpieces are customized by being fabricated in a dental lab, then fitted and altered by the dentist, almost all of the above mentioned issues are addressed and easily remedied. A final question that’s not on the list (“How affordable is it?”) keeps plenty of folks from having a snoring mouthpiece made by a dentist. Cost could be a gigantic issue, as dentist-made snoring devices can range all the way from five hundred dollars to more than $3000.

So how do the snoring mouthpieces found online or over-the-counter compare for these 15 questions?

Likely the most important issue is whether the snore mouthpiece can be fixed in different forward positions for optimum results. The reason this is so vital is because each person’s anatomy and jaw position is different. What makes a snoring device effective is being able to set it in a position that absolutely opens the breathing airway. This is accomplished by advancing the lower jaw forward. But some people only really need to move it a small amount forward whereas others could need to keep the jaw advanced almost one-half inch forward while being asleep to stop blockage of the airway. On the other hand too much advancement could result in moderate to severe jaw muscle and joint pain. There’s a tiny range where the most satisfactory results are achieved for each individual so that not only is snoring eliminated, but the lower jaw remains comfortable while sleeping.

For a snore mouthpiece comparison chart and specific answers to all 15 questions visit to help you find the most highly efficient, comfortable and reasonable snoring mouthpieces on the market.


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