Adjust Your Diet With Holistic Nutrition To Help Cure Exhaustion

Do you realize that if you regularly wake up in the morning feeling completely exhausted, even though you may believe you’ve had a restful night’s sleep, you might be suffering from what’s called “chronic exhaustion?” Unfortunately, this is actually a medical condition which is caused by an infection. The enemy is a form of yeast called candida albicans, and this grows throughout your body if you pay little attention to your overall diet. You may also consume a lot of refined and processed foods, have a sugar addiction and/or may be otherwise unbalanced due to doses of prescription medications or antibiotics.

People still tend to ignore holistic nutrition rules and consume bad diets to the point where they become irritable, have sleep issues, mood swings, chronic fatigue and general impairment. Although the symptoms might not be particularly severe individually, if they’re all taken together they’ll definitely have a great impact on your daily life. To the misfortune of most people out there – and to our regret, they simply don’t realize that they have an out-of-control candida problem, or that to restore balance, all they have to do is to address their diets.

As people become older, it actually becomes more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. There are numerous reasons for this including poor timekeeping. Ideally, you should strive to go to bed at the same time each evening, which for most us will be a little before or after the 10 o’clock hour. The human body is generally accustomed to having the most restful period of sleep during this time, and therefore you should strive for eight hours every night, without exception. Melatonin is one of the greatest natural antioxidants and its job is to repair the damage that you have amassed during the daytime hours, eliminating free radicals and other toxins. Don’t disrupt the natural cycles of nature.

Many of us are used to eating the largest meal of the day almost within sight of our bedtime. Dietary experts recommend that you should leave at least three hours between your final meal and your bedtime, as otherwise your body will be busy digesting the food in your stomach and intestines and will not be able to allocate the correct resources to sleep-repair work. Even worse is the folly of those who have a significant snack immediately before they turn in. The body has very little chance of correctly resetting itself and over a period of time this will most certainly lead to problems. There seems little point in adding fuel just before a period of inaction, don’t you think? This is exactly what we’re doing if we eat late and then try and sleep. Your body is acclimatized to processing instructions and does not realize that it should pause its digestive action while you try and sleep.

You are what you eat and if your diet is high in sugars and processed or bad foods, you risk amassing a significant candida problem. Not only do you want to sleep better, but you want to stave off the threat of illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Don’t leave it until you have developed these significant symptoms, and then kick yourself for not considering holistic health solutions before. A sugar addiction is a serious health threat.

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