Achieving Wellbeing Equals a Happy Life

When people hear of well-being, they automatically think that it implies being happy in life. While this is not completely wrong, the concept of well being typically means something a touch different from happiness. Unlike happiness which can appear and disappear dependent on the times or events happening in our lives, well being sometimes refers to a more stable state of being well, feeling satisfied and happy. In order to attain well being in the entire sense of the word, there are specific areas in life that one has to be content in which are known as well being dimensions. These include ;
Emotional ; in this situation one may be said to have realized emotional wellbeing if they can recognize, understand, experience and express a complete range of feelings and direct these feelings into healthy behaviors that satisfy their personal and social goals.

Financial ; a person who has achieved financial well being is one who can be in a position to make informed decisions pertaining to different sides of cash or finances like how to use credit smartly, save, invest and plan for the future. By achieving financial well being you are in some place where you can nicely say that you are financially stable.

Environmental ; this kind of well-being is a done by gaining an awareness and an appreciation of the very important part the environment plays in one’s life and further spotting that all human activities have an effect on the environment and can put in peril the environment’s ability to provide vital services that are wanted to support life.
Occupational ; this is well-being that’s achieved thru individual satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life thru work. If you like your occupation and feel satisfied with the kind of work you do then you have reached a state of occupational well being.

Physical ; this is one of the most crucial dimensions and involves being satisfied with your physical state. It so comprises taking ideal nutrition while at the exact same time taking safety cares about your well-being by looking for medical care when mandatory and doing some type of exercise to build your physical strength, endurance and adaptability. It’s not difficult to achieve physical well-being by simply understanding that healthy way of life selections in the present affect one’s health and standard of life in the future.

Other dimensions of well being that one should also attempt to achieve include intellectual, social and spiritual.

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