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In the US, one of the leading health problems is obesity. The number of obese Americans has seen a regular increase in the lest twenty years. A forbes.com post suggests that 74.1% of Americans more than 15 years old are overweight. Based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 33.8% or one-third of all adults in the US could be categorized as obese. Yes, being overweight is an important health issue that everyone should be aware of. Obesity can cost a lot of money in terms of treatment for illnesses that could actually have been avoided if only the right weight was maintained.

People do desire to be healthy but they typically do not know where to start. That’s why they buy books about precisely how to shed pounds. It’s rather a challenge to separate the dietary fads and the unquestionably solid info about proper nutrition. the diet solution program by Isabel De Los Rios is among the best-selling books on reducing weight. There are many reasons why the book is selling so well and here are some of them.

You will discover hardly any filler content in the book. It immediately talks about the useful material without beating around the bush. If you’re very busy, you’ll find this a invaluable feature. Reading hundreds of pages of filler content is not a smart way to spend your time. For the curious ones, scientific details are also provided. These details are placed at the latter section of the book as a sort of reference. That way, only actionable information is presented at the early parts of the book.

The program basically advises that you adhere to three simple steps. The initial essential step is to identify your ‘metabolic type’. You’ll then tweak a meal plan so that it matches your specific metabolic type. In the end, you choose the food which you want best so long as they are within the given food items in your meal plan.

The information contained in the book is trustworthy since it is grounded on real science. Isabel De Los Rios is a professional and you will see in her own body that she practices what she preaches. Isabel is recognized around the globe as a certified nutritionist. Tens of thousands of individuals all over the world have achieved positive results from her work. Out of Rutgers University, the writer studied Exercise Physiology. She holds a number of certifications the absolutely make her in a good position to write a book on weight loss. Isabel is very knowledgeable and her weight loss plan simply works.

Natural Health Sherpa – a site about natural remedies – is one of the best sources for in-depth details about the book. In case you’re still unsure if The Diet Solution Program is for you, then you will discover their authoritative review to be particularly useful.

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