A Review Of The Most Recent Developments In Wellness Footwear

An entire new class of footwear is now being made to help us lead a more healthy life. Exercise or wellness shoes can improve your posture, eliminate cellulite, relieve lower body discomfort, and tone your legs simply by walking in them. At least, thatis what the companies are enlightening us, and with promises like that, we all just have to get a pair and see for ourselves.

These new comfortable walking shoes are everywhere, and Reebok is the newest and most visible manufacturer to jump on this very profitable bandwagon, with their commercials showing a super-slim model with a nicely toned rear and legs. Reebok’s EasyTone promises’better legs and a better butt with every step.’ Their EasyTone sole technology mimics walking on sand, and they claim wearing these shoes will improve the muscle tone in your calves, hamstrings, and glutes by as much as 28 percent.

FitFlop was one of the first to tout the exercise powers of its footwear. Its trademark is ‘Get a workout while you walk’ and they are serious about it with an enlargement away from the original flip flops into a full line of shoes, boots, and even house slippers. FitFlop shoes contain an amazing Micro-wobbleboard which increases muscle tension and tones and firms you while you walk. Read the testimonials on the FitFlop site and youwill be hunting down the best place to buy them! Women discussed feeling like they’d worked out for hours after wearing them, and others reported reduced foot, back, and leg discomfort.

Masai Barefooted Technology ( MBT ) makes a different sort of exercise shoe. Wearing MBT footwear can give lots of good results, including reduced body discomfort, toning and strengthening, improving posture and aiding with other physical infirmities. These shoes have built-in pressure distribution mechanisms which create constant unsteadiness in your feet, which in turn causes your muscles to efficiently counteract that slight motion and tone you up in the method.

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Earth Shoes makes shoes with negative heel technology that helps to completely align your body for great posture, straightforward breathing, and no back pain. The Earth women’s shoes new trademark is ‘Burn more calories with each step’ and their advertising claims that you burn 4 times as many calories wearing these shoes than you do wearing ordinary shoes.

Skechers Shape Ups appear similar to MBT shoes, with a rocker bottom that is extremely told on some styles. Skechers appeal principally to young people and Shape Ups are no exception, and their radical looks would possibly not be for a few individuals. They promise to tone your muscles and promote healthy weightloss while you walk or workout with them.

Chung Shi one-upped everyone else with the arrival of their exercise footwear. They promise to ‘work legs 257% harder’ than standard shoes. They also claim an inbuilt Pilates system that employs a patented bar in the middle, and a 15 degree curved sole. What all of this means is that the shoes don’t sit flat, and your body must consistently adjust to re-balance itself. There is also proof that these shoes cause a lot less result on ankle and knee joints, so they are ideal for those recovering from joint injuries.

While the jury is out on the effectiveness of these shoes, it appears that one just desires to try them for a fortnight to choose if they measure up to their claims.

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