A Great Way to Lose 1 Pound a Week

How great would it be to lose 52 pounds by this time one year from now. All you need to do is lose one pound a week. Weighing fifty two pounds less can have a considerable impact on your life. These tips are easy to implement and can of course be used to shed even more weight. Losing 1 pound of weight a week may not seem like much. Losing weight at a steady pace is much safer and healthier than losing large amounts quickly.

To lose 1 pound of body weight it is necessary to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories. This calorie deficit can be created through diet exercise or a combination of both. Diet and exercise combined is the most efficient method. Try to split the reduction between the two, reducing five hundred calories a day to reach the 3500 calorie weekly deficit.

Tip 1

This first dieting tips is simple eat five hundred calories less a day. Finding a place where you can cut five hundred calories from your diet should not be that hard. Take note that most women need at least 1200 calories a day and most men need at least 1500 calories. Dropping below these levels could kick the body into starvation mode.

Tip 2

Using the stairs in lieu of the elevator is an easy way to increase the amount of calories your body burns. Fifteen minutes of stair climbing will burn approximately 200 calories in a 200 pound person. So climbing stairs for about twenty minutes combined with eating 250 less calories a day will help you to lose a pound a week.

Tip 3

This weight loss tip is no secret. Low impact aerobics are great exercise. Aerobics can easily be used to create the 3500 calorie per week deficit, and lose one pound a week. For instance it would take an hour to burn 400 calories through low impact aerobics for a two hundred pound person. Is it really that hard to find one hour each day for a little exercise?

Tip 4

This tip is a fun one. Dance to lose one pound a week. That could be dancing at a club or home or even taking a ballroom dancing class. A 200 pound person will use around four hundred calories for just an hour of dancing.

As an example I referred to a 200 pound person. If your total body weight is more than that you will burn more calories with each activity. Losing weight is a very difficult endeavor indeed. I find it can be made less difficult by breaking your weight loss goal into smaller steps. By utilizing the tips I have presented here you can quite easily lose one pound a week.

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