Powerful Ideas – Could It Be Okay To Apply Taxpayer Money To Finance Tattoo Removal?

Did you know that one in every 4 people in the United Kingdom is reckoned to possess a permanent tattoo? Furthermore, some other research indicates that one out of every 4 individuals who already have the tattoo will live to feel disappointed about the decision and begin to consider tattoo removal as the years pass. Does this mean that the government should invest more money in “anti-tattoo” campaigns? This might seem to be especially the case if we believe recent surveys that inform us that some job seekers are being allocated public funds to help with their laser tattoo removal.

It seems that job centre staff have been told that they’re allowed to use taxpayer money to fund this removal if it can be verified that the presence of the tattoo is, essentially, a barrier to them obtaining gainful employment. We realise that several employers will, after all, not think about taking on somebody if the tattoo is in a very noticeable place for example on the face or the neck.

It’s definitely correct that at some point a tattoo wasn’t socially acceptable and seemed to be prominent only in certain subcategories of the community. A great deal has changed through the years and some notable public figures have confessed to getting tattoos, albeit maybe not in really obvious to spot places. Many reasons exist for wanting to remove a tattoo and not all of them are associated with job prospects. For instance, if you got one which proclaimed undying love to a former companion, this might be a rather awkward situation if you separated and found yourself “on the market” yet again.

Although laser tattoo removal can certainly be a little bit expensive without any substantial employment and for that reason a prominent source of income, it’s nonetheless nice to understand that the choice is available should you indeed be one of the 25% of British adults who regrets your earlier decision.

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