Do You Know the Primary Signs of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tricky disease. The ticks that cause the disease may come in various sizes. Lyme disease can mimic other diseases which causes it to be incorrectly diagnosed as another disease. Is there a way to tell if it really is Lyme Disease? In this article we will talk about some of the symptoms. If you are worried that you may have fallen victim to this disease read on.

If you have an inflamed heart, it will not always present itself quickly. Out of the many symptoms of Lyme disease this is by far one of the most difficult to discover. Not everybody can tell immediately when the muscles surrounding their hearts become inflamed. If you have pain in your chest primarily around the heart, that is one indication of this condition. If you are having a hard time breathing that is another indication. Or if you have some swelling. Any of these things should lead you to contact your doctor and have your heart checked out. You should do this if you are experiencing these things even if you don’t suspect Lyme disease.For further information you could have a glimpse into Lyme Disease Corner

Lyme disease can often present itself through the onset of Bell’s palsy. Just because you have Bell’s palsy though, it doesn’t mean you have Lyme disease. Facial muscles, primarily the cranial nerve, are affected the most by Bell’s palsy. Most often it is noticed on the half of the face that is the least expressive. In some cases Bell’s palsy will actually cause Lyme disease. In case Lyme disease develops it is important to keep a close eye on your Bell’s palsy.

A common symptom of Lyme disease in its late stages is Anxiety and Depression. A person in the late stages of Lyme disease will often find that the disease is affecting their nervous system as well as their brain. Even though anxiety and depression are common, if you live in an area where Lyme disease is common, they could indicate that you have this disease. If you start experiencing these problems, talk to your doctor and have them check your physical and mental health. When added to Lyme disease, Anxiety and Depression can make a persons situation feel hopeless. Besides Lyme disease you must also be alert of malaria which is resulted by masquito bites.It creates flulike fever, chills, headache, muscle aches,vomiting,diarrhea, coughing etc.It’s important that you watch out for the warning signs. It truly is always better to include a insignificant dosage of malaria tablets like Malarone along with you whenever you are travelling to malaria prone regions. It’s always safe to start consuming anti -malaria drug before your vacation. Avoid malaria, be smart and sensible.

Each person can have different symptoms. The simple fact is that the symptoms you experience will depend upon which stage of the disease you are living through or dealing with. Misdiagnosis is a big problem when it comes to Lyme Disease. Call your doctor immediately if you begin to notice symptoms of Lyme Disease. Seek help sooner rather than later to minimize the affects of the disease on your body.

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