Dealing With a Spouse Who Has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Wives find it very hard to send their husbands off to combat since they don’t know whether or not it’s the last time they’ll ever see them. When he comes back, you’re just happy that he has returned. However, your husband may be affected by scars that aren’t visible.

Soldiers coming from combat don’t just carry physical wounds. They can leave even more problematic emotional scars. These emotional wounds can cause many problems in the marriage. If you are in this situation, here are a few tips for surviving.

Wives with husbands affected by this disorder, should read as much information about it as possible. Men afflicted with this disorder may experience a wide range of symptoms. Irritability, flashbacks, and nightmares are all common.

These symptoms can occur at any time. You’ll be equipped to deal with the situation appropriately if you have read information about it. You need to stay by your partner’s side and help him through the situation if you truly love him.

Seeking professional help is often a very good choice. You need someone that knows how to deal with the situation effectively. You should accompany your husband to these sessions if you’re able to do so.

This condition can take its toll on you too. You may want to start attending your own therapy sessions. There are plenty of support groups that aim to help women who find themselves in this situation. If you choose not to join a support group, then make sure you have someone else that you can talk to.

It’s very important that you show patience when dealing with your husband. Lack of intimacy or other withdrawal symptoms are common. You should try your best to understand what he’s going through as he tries to work through the problems.

While he’s doing that, it’s also best that you take time to take care of yourself. Surely, you’ll have activities and hobbies that you like doing by yourself. You could join a gym and start exercising which is always good.

If not dealt with properly, post-traumatic stress disorder can easily cause enough problems to lead to divorce. If your marriage is in danger of breaking up, then it’s vital that you seek help from a counselor to fix it. It will help your marriage out a lot for both of you to have someone to talk to.Doc No.lkhjsdklsd-ssj

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