Elderly Intellectual Needs


Elderly people still have  many intellectual needs. Just because they are advancing  in years does not mean they can no longer grow and learn new things as well as become more  involved in the community around them.


Not only do the elderly have a major longing for companionship just as anyone of any age, but they need to be around others so that they will not waste away.  Too often the elderly are left alone and in isolation with only a television for company. 


Is it really a surprise many may seem to be listless and forgetful when in actually they are bored?


When senior citizens  are involved in stimulating activities such as art classes or learning how to play an instrument, they can keep their minds exercised and growing.   These new skills may become very important to seniors who secretly may fear the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It is far better to be working and learning to play the piano for example, than to be spending time worrying needlessly.  


Seniors can also explore new interests. 


 The later years can be times of discovering new things such The Internet. 

Surprisingly many seniors who have the opportunity are becoming  interested in computers and  are surfing the Net with ease.  Such massive sites as Stumble Upon are excellent treasure troves for seniors to investigate because it has so many fresh stories and sites linking to it literally by the second.   Warning: such sites can be habit- forming.


Public libraries also have many services seniors can tap into such as DVD collections.  Seniors can check out movies, music, opera, and public television programs for free.  Elderly persons can watch travel shows, for example, and will be able to go all over the world virtually even if they can no longer  travel physically. 


 But seniors’  most important intellectual need of all is need to be needed.

This need is the one that is often the most neglected by our society and many aging seniors are left out of many family and community projects. 


By giving seniors tasks they can have the chance to serve others which will help take away the stress of their own problems.

One of the most successful examples of recent years is the combining of day care centers with nursing homes.  Older people and small children who come in contact with each other thrive. 


When the intellectual and emotional needs for  senior citizens are met older people can realize their important roles as valued members of society. This helps elderly persons grow while giving them the power to benefit their families and communities.   

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