Find Your Way Home with No Place Like Home Shoes

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Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz first edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soon you will be able to buy a pair of GPS shoes, designed with the technology to help you find your way home.  The GPS device is located in the left heel with the prototype now being tested.

If lost, all you will have to do is literally click your heels three times.  This turns on the LED lights and they will point you in the right direction.  The click you heels three times was inspired by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  So the name ‘No Place Like Home’ makes you feel safe knowing Dorothy got home and you will too.

These shoes are a little different from the current GPS shoes on the market today.  Those shoes have a tracking device which sends a signal to the caregiver when an Alzheimer’s patient or person with dementia wanders off.  The No Place Like Home shoes are important because this technology is being taken to the next level.

There is a small antenna located in the back of the left shoe which can pick up vital signal information from GPS satellites.  A small cellphone sized battery gives it all the power it needs.

You set up your walking destination plan to a computer program which you can upload to your shoes before you go out.  Once you do the Dorothy clicking  routine, a circle of LED lights will begin lighting up in the direction you need to go.


We see huge potential for alzhemimer’s patients and any elderly people suffering from dementia.  Not to mention the fact, it can certainly come in handy for all of the rest of us.

Of course, maybe I shouldn’t mention this, but currently the prototypes seem to be  only available in men’s shoes.  Is there a reason why?  Kind of makes you wonder….


Here’s an interesting  vid  with inventor Dominic Wilcox demonstrating how it works.

More information about the No Place Like Home Shoes


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All With regards to the Approaches of Transplants

Hair loss transplants are the newest procedure of recovering or re-growing hair in parts with the scalp where it has receded or have already been lost. It is a revolutionary procedure that a lot of businesses that concentrate on hair revival use to combat balding. Let us find out more about this procedure via this article. Researching more about Hair Loss will truly help.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method or the follicular unit extraction is a new kind of hair transplant procedure. It’s more advanced than the usual hair transplant and has a higher accuracy than your normal ones. They extract some of your hair. This is accomplished by cutting around your scalp where the hair that they want to take is situated. Then they slowly separate and extract those hairs from the scalp. Following that, the extracted hairs are stored together with other units that have harvested currently until they have sufficient needed by the operation.

Hair Scalp Recovery Procedure

A small wound will always happen after the procedure of obtaining from the skin of your scalp the hair that needs to become transplanted. Surgeons who do this kind of operation will always do things professionally: with accuracy and with utmost care. The inevitable factor though will be the scarring, the only after impact of this process. These are scars that form as tiny white streaks, and these are usually situated on the back and sides of your scalp. If you notice, these are the places from where the surgeon would get the skin needed for the hair follicular units needed.

Comparing The Old Ways Of Follicular Unit Transplantation With the New

Within the early days of transplants, the classic micrografting procedure entails the hair with the skin becoming harvested in a lot of times and not just a one-time procedure contrary to FUE. The procedure sadly inflicts harm with the surgical blade utilized in harvesting. The skin strips that had been taken are then shredded or cut into smaller pieces which also sadly would danger follicular harm and also the percentage with the follicular units will rise.

A brand new procedure of follicular component transfer or FUT now takes place like this: after the strip of skin with the hair to become transferred is removed from your scalp, it is then dissected in the stereo – microscopic procedure. This kind of process is a safer way of removing the single follicle with out damaging it in anyway. The only side impact is that it leaves a large scar after the operation.

FUT has currently turn out to be one with the common techniques implemented by businesses who do hair transplants. Today though, there’s a newer way to do hair transplant process.

The Most Recent Innovation of Hair Transplant

We have found out that the procedure of follicular unit removal or FUE, presents a safer and more accurate surgical procedure in comparison to the old FUT. However, there’s a business which has discovered a way to further the procedure and advance it so that it could be almost perfect and will have probably the most minimal scarring consequently with the procedure.

Haarklinikken is that business. They have advanced the procedure by adding a new step which entails individually eliminating the hair from the skin with the scalp rather than just by taking apart the follicular units with the aid of a microscopic lenses. With this, men and women will probably have lesser scarring and will enjoy the effects with out suffering some thing in return.

Before deciding to have a hair transplantation procedure, you should know more by going here.


Want Thorough Cleansing Of Tissue? Infrared Saunas Are Fantastic

There are some situations when you would not like to use infrared saunas. Remember that a far infrared sauna has implications in making a difference to your body in a deeply medical way, which is why health professionals are advocating these sauna spas of late. So it is crucial for you to double-check with your health advisor about any possible influence that a far infrared sauna can have on your continual treatment. There are some diseases observed among individuals that may have a contraindication with the temperature created by an infrared sauna, consisting of but not limited to adrenal suppression, multiple sclerosis, or systemic lupus erythematosus. An acute joint injury should not be heated within the first 48 hours, or until the joint erythema and swelling subsides – so make sure that you either do accordingly or contact your health care provider in case you strategy to utilize your far infrared sauna under such condition. When pregnant, it is suggested that you stop using any far infrared sauna immediately.

It is not for no reason that health professionals have initiated officially writing far infrared saunas to their patients who need these, given particular health conditions. The top quality that an infrared sauna adds to the human health, consisting of remarkable performance in problems like Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and arthritis is simply awesome. Far infrared saunas go within the body by entering the skin up to two inches and remove toxins from beneath the skin to allow fantastic detoxing. Harmful toxins removed by use of infrared saunas get removed from the body via sweat, which is one of the several fundamental forms of bodily waste matter elimination of human beings – this in turn leads to a more pure form of our body. There are a large number of toxins that far infrared heat can support the skin evict in the procedure of deep purifying consisting of but not limited to mold, nicotine, chemicals, hair dyes, mercury, car emissions consisting of lead and a whole lot of other damaging components. In combination with deep purifying from the skin, a far infrared sauna can support develop other fundamental health conditions consisting of hypertension, cholesterol, blood flow and obesity.

The infrared sauna is an electrically powered device – as a result if you compromise on this regard, you might put yourself to a threat. Electrical hazard can take your life. Never ever go for an uncertified far infrared sauna. Only purchase certified sauna spas. Don’t ever plan to settle for any low-quality certifications of your sauna – you may end up settling for a shorter period to live your own life. Most inexpensive sauna spas have thin gauge wirings, poor padding and improper electro-magnetic regularity shielding. Bad shielding in an infrared sauna can lead to increased fire risks too. Go for heavy-duty wiring and gauges for appropriate security as well as adequate warmth technology – to produce warmth the far infrared sauna needs to obtain enough power and the high quality wiring will support. Use the best-quality electrical certifications including Electrical Testing Laboratories certificates. Ensure that the security certifications are world-class in every sense before you agree to a far infrared sauna – better be safe than sorry.


Why You need to Select Herbal Fat loss Supplements With Good Care

If you pay any attention to weight loss products, then you are well aware of the hundreds of available products. The attraction to products that are more natural has not been lost on those who provide these kinds of diet products. Of course using that information in marketing and advertising can be powerful. But there’s a strong word of caution to buyers with these supplements. While many individuals tend to be more informed than ever, you may still find millions who place a lot of faith once they read, natural. People usually do not question the safeness of these items, plus they are unaware of real risks to health and life. Just about any natural, or herbal, substance can have side effects when used, and there are other issues related to conventional medicines. Another potential problem exists because some people may be sensitive or prone to side effects while others may not.

Then we next come to a subject that has been debated and causes great concern among health professionals. Perhaps most of the ingredients have never been fully studied by reputable and impartial research. What does frequently happen is a manufacturer will pay a laboratory to perform research on a specific substance. Of course there is a conflict of interest in this situation for the research or testing facility. So it is no surprise when the results are positive and the claims are terrific. Unfortunately, most people do not even bother to consider these arrangements. The clear potential loser in these products are the people who buy and take them.

You will not find very many of these compounds that have even been rigorously analyzed by a reputable organization. Ephedra does actually work when combined with caffeine. The problem there is ephedra had very serious side effects for some people, and that caused it to be forbidden in the US. Most recently a new substitute emerged, Hoodia was released on the market amidst a great deal of marketing and hype. This product, which is a plant derivative from South Africa, has been studied to some extent. However there are important potential problems for people with particular medical conditions. Hoodia tends to block several natural feedback mechanisms involving hunger and thirst. If you have any medical conditions, and even if you don’t, you should discover all you can prior to using it.

We will discuss a dreadful example of what can go awry with herbal substances. A weight reduction herbal product was marketed in Belgium which led to kidney failure for nearly a hundred people. Another proportion of people survived long term kidney problems. Also, there was clearly proof of lesions that were cancerous in a number of the kidneys which were taken from those people. What really occurred was the incorrect herbal compound was found in that particular diet supplement.

But unlike of the stated products that includes unwanted effects, Bowtrol Colon Cleanse is actually far unique. Bowtrol is also an organic created products this is made-up of 100 % pure organic elements, tested as well as verified by medical professionals that can help detox your colon as well as lowers toxins in your body that could result to a much better physique build and furthermore it is helpful to thoroughly clean your colon to achieve a healthful life-style. By simply cleaning your colon, anyone would certainly obtain a lot of benefits like weight-loss. Bowtrol is a well-liked product in cleansing the colon, which is necessary to Buy Bowtrol for your own today.

History is full of stories about positive uses for herbs to treat many ailments. The point is any person who chooses to take them must become informed before using any herbal product. The smart and safe approach is to perform overwhelming research if you want to try any type of herbal product for losing weight.