Scrooged Seniors Ordered To Take Down Christmas Tree

The Willows senior apartment complex in Newhall  has ordered residents to take down their Christmas tree.  Menorahs have also been banned.

The order came from Tarzana-based JB Partners Group Inc which owns the complex.  Needless to say, many residents as well as their families, friends and concerned outsiders are upset.

The reasons according to the company’s explanations is that the company interprets a Christmas tree to be a religious symbol.

Here is my response as a Christian who does not celebrate December 25th as Jesus’ birthday.

We are not sure which day Jesus was born on.  That has not been revealed to us from God’s Word.  My family and I have never celebrated December 25th as Jesus’s birthday.  We did celebrate it as our Granddaddy Morton’s birthday since he  actually was born on that date in 1890.  (He also died on December 25th, 1974, his 84th birthday).

We have always put up a Christmas tree since we celebrate the holiday secularly.   The Christmas tree is a German tradition introduced to the English primarily by Queen Victoria’s husband Albert.  Implying that a tree decorated with tinsel and ornaments is a religious observance of sorts is a stretch.  The Supreme Court has also ruled  in agreement.

So why is the tree being taken down by the Willows Senior Center?

Who knows?

Why can’t they put up a menorah?  I’m very confused about  that also.

I know there are culture wars going on but can we call a truce with our elderly?  If they want a Christmas tree, give them one.  If a brightly lit tree makes their long dreary days a little happier, why not?

I speak from experience on this, because I just finished assembling our tree which takes me about three days to put up.  Why do I do it?  Because my aging parents receive so much pleasure from it.  I often catch them admiring it.

My guess is  we probably haven’t heard the last of this issue.

Seniors Ordered to Take Down Christmas Tree

The outcry continues:


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