A Deep Sea Dive in a Self Propelled Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are changing all the time as innovations make our handicapped seniors’  lives better, but now they can go scuba diving.  Sue Austin, who has been wheelchair bound since 1996 has helped invent the new self propelled underwater wheelchair.  The exciting new wheelchair is being introduced this week at the Cultural Olympiad Celebration and is already creating a  lot of buzz.

Ms. Austin’s  performance with the new chair  is called ‘Creating the Spectacle’ and frankly, it is breathtaking.  She is performing this week at the Osprey Leisure Centre in Weymouth, England and will be there through Saturday. Continue reading “A Deep Sea Dive in a Self Propelled Wheelchair”


Top 10 Most Favorite Videos Featuring Senior Citizens

Our top 10 most favorite videos featuring senior citizens will certainly keep you chuckling.  Here are the ones we consider the absolute best. These videos prove you are never too old to entertain others or to laugh.  They are safe for family viewing.

1.Extra Driver

She’s not content to remain a backseat driver.  She’s in the front copilot seat and other drivers had better beware.

3. Power of Old People

Better be a little more patient while somebody else’s grandma is crossing the street.  You’ve been warned…

4.Camaro Date

Driving the correct car for dating can make a huge difference no matter what your age…

I think this commercial is very interesting because it reminds me a lot of Back to the Future except we have a Camaro instead of a DeLorean.  Is it a coincidence the street looks like the same street in the movie?


5. Thelma and Norma Get New Motorcycles

They’re not actually riding them but with their unique  sound effects you might be fooled.

6. The $1 Million Laugh

Even professional entertainers can’t stop laughing with this senior.  Maybe it’s because we’ve never heard a laugh quite like his before.


5. Squeak Help

Isn’t it refreshing to find nice young people willing to help out customers?  However, this young man gets quite a surprise.

4. Rita and Frank’s First Web Cam

Okay, I love them.  These two have a bright YouTube future ahead of them.  They’re so cute and real.  I can already see their names in lights especially if they can figure out how to work the web cam.


3. Grandpa Sings Justin Beiber’s “Baby”

Justin might as well retire because this grandpa is formidable competition.

2. Where’s the Beef?

This was one of the most famous commercials from the 80’s.  It was a huge hit and still is over 25 years later.

The #1 Our Most Favorite Vid Featuring Senior Citizens is the Famous 1990 Pepsi Commercial.

As funny as this vid is, I think there’s a lot of truth to it.  Why should older people be left to whither  in boredom? They have a lot to share with us and spending time with them can enrich everyone.