Why Are Young Soldiers Aging Too Fast?

Why are young soldiers aging too fast?  That’s the question the Department of Veterans Affairs is attempting to answer.

The bodies of young vets who are still in the 20s and 30s  are showing signs of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. These are the kinds of problems middle  aged and older people  usually experience.

It could have a lot to do with stress.  We’ve known about battle fatigue for a long time as we’ve watched our vets return from each war.  Many have terrible haunting memories of war which they often work hard to suppress.

Our soldiers have jobs that often require 100% success.  Anything less could lead to death.  Some theorize that a certain amount of the military population likes the adrenalin rush.

Then you get statement like this one from a young soldier,” All the little petty things, all that Facebook, all that stuff- it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t exist.”

Another question is have we traded one type of stress for another?  A lesser stress in exchange for the greater?

A few years ago, a veteran returning from Iraq wrote  anonymously  to our little local neighborhood newspaper, The Green Hills News.

He stated he couldn’t believe all the stupid things many of us were  writing about- anonymously.  Things like someone cutting in on you in traffic or having too many items in the fast lane at the grocery store.  Compared to what he had been through in Iraq these complaints dumbfounded him.

One more important point is whatever the stress, our bodies have to pay the price.  We all need to take good care of ourselves, especially those of us who care give.  We can’t allow the little daily stuff to drive up our blood pressure.  We need to stay healthy so we can better serve our loved ones.

But we also need to think about  our veterans.  We need to be concerned about their feelings and the high price they are paying so we can stay free just so we can  drive anywhere we want and to go to the grocery and buy anything we want.


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