How Does Your Nursing Home Staff Really Feel About You and Your Elderly Parents?

Group of nurses, Base Hospital #45
Group of nurses, Base Hospital #45 (Photo credit: The Library of Virginia)

Here is a popular video from a nursing home staff  as they explain their feelings about their jobs. It is interesting to see how staffers think and what their work ethic is all about. These are the good nurses and nurse assistants, we might add. Unfortunately, there are those working with our elderly and seniors who are not so dedicated.

Here are some of their comments…

“A nursing home operates 24 hours per day.”
That’s significant because we sometimes forget they are constantly on the job, regardless of the clock.
“When you work in a nursing home you have to everyday go that extra mile with somebody. You can’t say, I’m tired, I don’t feel well.”

“You’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to understand the residents, their needs.”

“It takes something within somebody. Everybody just can’t do it. Everybody can’t deal with what we deal with everyday.”

I think that is the biggest reason why some of us have a hard time dealing with eldercare. We have to change ourselves and our way of thinking to handle all the problems of working with aging parents who often act a lot like children.

“As long as you’re here for the right reason. As long as you’re here, not just to do a job, but you feel something you’re doing for other people, then it will get easier and it got a lot easier for me.”

As always, the viewers’ comments are also interesting, and in some cases, somewhat explosive.
One comment caught my attention. “…Thanks to the baby boomers (that would be many of us) for costing a fortune in healthcare and leaving your debts behind.”
My answer to that is some of us are paying almost $1,000 per month in healthcare premiums, but I still see his point.
This could be a future issue some of the younger generation members feel strongly about. They may rebel against us and against the expense of senior care in the future.

Another comment from a nursing home staffer is more poignant, “… It’s human to get frustrated, but I check myself all the time, asking  am I treating them like I would want someone to treat my mom and dad?”

This statement by one of the staffers in the vid is the one I would like for us to have as our takeaway because it is so positive. She states when the family shows appreciation, “It just brings my heart joy.”  Hopefully that sums of the feelings of many who work with our elderly on a daily basis.

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