Latest Update About Recent Meningitis Outbreak

Here are the latest developments about the recent meningitis outbreak.  We now know the identity of the manufacturer of the steroids given to the infected patients. The company is located in Framingham, Mass.

The product has been recalled and the jury is still out if the vials of medication are completely responsible for the tragedy.

One question I have is why was the first  clinic involved  identified much quicker than the manufacturer?

26 people in five states have been stricken so far.  Four patients have died and three different clinics in Tennessee have been involved. Over 1000 people could have been exposed in Tennessee alone.

There is a lot of worry and apprehension since it takes around 28 days for symptoms to appear.

As of last night, one more patient was on the verge of dying.  My brother attends a congregation in Brentwood, TN where the lady’s name came up on the prayer list.  She had  had an injection at the clinic for back pain and  had contracted meningitis.  As a result she  suffered a stroke and they were about to take her off of life support.

All of this also brings up the question of what really goes behind the scenes with health care.  I know we’re all concerned about cost.  My premiums just hit right below the $1000. per month threshold last week and I’m literally sick about that.  I’m angry because I can’t go out and shop for  health insurance  as I can for insurance for  our properties.  That is wrong and needs to be changed.

I’m shackled inside a plan that doesn’t work for me.  Small business people like myself are rapidly reaching the point where we can no longer consider it just another business expense.

But patient safety transcends even that.  I had a friend attending  medical school a few years ago who told me some real horror stories about daily hospital life.  I was shocked and frankly scared to death.  That friend later committed suicide.  I don’t know if it was  partly because of the stress of medical school or the chronic illness she was fighting.  But I’ve never been the same.

Today’s point is we have a great system, but it needs fixing on many fronts.  There is a lot that can certainly be improved.  Meanwhile, we’re all treading through a minefield as we seek the proper care for ourselves and our parents.

Vigilance is the key.  We need to be alert as to everything that is going on around us.  We need to constantly ask questions.  And we certainly need to investigate  even the simplest things such as a pain med injection.

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