Frightening Meningitis Outbreak at Pain Clinic

By now the news is out about the meningitis outbreak at a pain clinic here in Nashville.  I had heard about this a week ago through a reliable source close to the clinic.   I was surprised to learn the clinic had been shut down while wondering how long it would take the story to reach the press.

The problem is that 11 patients who had received pain treatments over a month’s time at the clinic have been stricken with meningitis and two of them have died.  This type of meningitis is from mold and can not be contracted by common contact.  Some vials of medication are the suspected culprits, but it is still not known exactly how the disease was spread.  That is still under investigation while the clinic remains closed.

All those sickened had lumbar epidural steroid injections from the vials. That is the main thing they all had in common.  So far one more case has been confirmed in North Carolina.

Here’s my point.  In today’s medical environment there is a long chain of treatment.  You can be affected by just about anything while receiving care, but that care can often start from many miles away.  What happens in a pharmaceutical factory where the medication is produced can not only shut down clinics but can kill you.  This incident has raised our awareness about that fact.

I am not saying the vials have been definitely shown to have caused the meningitis.  What I am getting at is the treatments we often receive involve more than the hospitals and doctors offices we come in direct contact with.

Fortunately, this type of incident is rare, but it is still tragic when it does happen.

Here is more information about  the meningitis outbreak



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