A Care Giving Story from a Crow

Care giving is going on all around us and I have seen it first hand from a group of crows.

They visit my yard often, several times a day in fact,  and I’ll have to admit I couldn’t stand them at first.  They’re big, loud and irritating.  They would swoop around our patio first perching on the garage and then on the dormer windows of the house.      They especially like to rule from the tip most top peak of the roof as they cackle  and caw at anything that moves.

That was before the “accident”.  One of them got wounded;

English: Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis). F...
English: Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis). Français : Une Corneille d’Hawaï (Corvus hawaiiensis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

how or why we don’t know.  All we realized was that she has a crippled wing and it hangs lifelessly on her right side.  We think she had been shot with a BB gun and the wing has never healed properly.

But something amazing happened one day as they arrived for their usual visit.    I had put bread out for the “crippled crow” because even she had brought me sorrow and regret.  Sorrow that her crow call was different from the others and regret over the difficulty she had flying short distances.  It wasn’t my sin that brought her down from her lofty perch, but it might as well have been since I had disliked her so much.

As the group observed the  white fluffy pieces of bread strewn around on the grass, they all  stepped back- except for one.  What was happening?

Then I saw it.  If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have believed it.  It was such a magnanimous gesture; the kind we humans do after  we have had strong dosages of heaven, hell and our basic obligations to others.

They were stepping back, so the crippled crow could eat first.  It was pure and unselfish and inspirational coming  from those vile loud giant blackbirds who used to strut their arrogance all over my gardens.  Until now…

She ate her fill, rattling back her gratitude in that thin  dismal voice of hers.  The others waited patiently and only began eating after she was finished.

The summer is slowly beginning to fade  here in the hot humid South  as  our long awaited September finally arrives.  But they’re still  here and I’m still feeding them.  They love fish, and I might put a plug in for Captain D’s.  The crab, hush puppies  and catfish remnants from that seafood platter is one of their favorites.

I don’t think the wing will ever heal, unfortunately.  But thanks to the faithful caregiving from her fellow crows she is thriving and  calls out her appreciation  often from the tree branches that are just a little closer to the ground.



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