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I’m Alice, and the inspiration for this site comes from my own experience with my aging parents.  I’m a real estate investor and landlady from Nashville and I live with my parents, both aged eighty-one.


We’re doing fine but my passion is for older seniors who aren’t so fortunate.  Our elderly population is exploding with 36.3 million Americans aged 65 or older and this age group will grow dramatically to 86.7 million by 2050. 

With these seniors come the challenges of care, housing, insurance, technology and love.  And yes, I believe their emotional and spiritual needs are just as important as the physical ones.

Are we adequately preparing for the challenges of elder care?

Bill and I scour the Internet daily so we can bring you  the latest, most comprehensive and best resources for care giving.  We hope our efforts will not only aid you but will make a difference in the lives of the aging seniors you hold most dear.

Hello, my name is Bill and as Alice has explained, this project is a labor of love… I myself, having experienced this first hand over the past few years of my grandmother life… My grandfather passed away in 1986 and my grandmother lived until late 2001… My grandparents had raised me since I was 3 years old and after my grandpa died I stayed on and lived with grandmother and took care of during those 15 years what a blessing and wonderful time in my life to be able to give back to those loving parents, who cared for me…


Well obviously there is more to this story and I hope you’ll make our website a part of you daily lives and learn about the in and outs of giving care and love to your aging parents, where ever and what ever stage of life they’re in, you will be so glad you did!

Because, once a parent or a person leaves this life you are never able to go back and change things… that is why I am so thankful for the opportunity to share with all of you, my story… My decisions at that time was not a conscious one, but a decision to perform this service because I loved her, and to do what my grandfather had ask me to do, and that what care her after he was gone… I will share more of this story through the coming months but rest assured we want you to understand how and why the choices we make are so important, and that there are many options available for you!


Come Join US both and get to know us a little bit better, at: our
Aging Parents Authority Community

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