Heatwave Safety Tips for Protecting the Elderly

choclateicecreamRecord temperatures are being recorded in the western states and these sweltering summer days can kill.  That’s why it’s critical we protect our elderly and make sure they are keeping cool while the Fahrenheit rises well past 110 degrees.

1. Do wellness checks and stop by a senior’s house to make sure the air conditioner is working properly.  You can quickly spot potential a/c problems by checking the filter.  If dusty, change it.  A fresh new filter helps keep air conditioners running properly, especially if they are having to run constantly 24/7 during the heatwave.  It’s a small thing to do, but from our experiences as landlords it cuts way down on our a/c repairs.

2. If the air conditioner is not working or may break down, get the older person out of the house and to a cool place immediately.  That may mean forcing the person to leave, which is not easy with seniors who want to stay in their houses.

I had the same problem with my elderly parents last summer when our electricity went out.   They would not go to a motel.  But there is a lot of difference in the  temperatures  we were experiencing  in the 90’s  and the  thermometers now  reaching over 110 degrees.  We were miserable, but some seniors  in the west could possible lose their lives this summer.

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