Senior Identity Theft: Obamacare Scam Becomes Latest Danger

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Now we have the Obamacare scam targeting our seniors.

This is where your Mom gets a call from a “government representative” stating that she has been selected to receive one of the first insurance cards.
It gets worse.  She then gives the scammer all her personal information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers etc.
The scam is based on the fact very few people know what Obamacare is all about.  The senior population is especially confused.  This is not surprising considering Nancy Pelosi’s statement made when she was Speaker of the House, ” we have to pass it to see what’s in it.”
Meanwhile this scam is on and there is a strong possibility your aging parents could become victims.  That won’t happen if you stop it in it’s tracks.
Here’s a tip we use at our house to avoid any smooth, slick and dangerous scammers out to get my aging parents’ personal info.
Give your aging parent a written script to keep near the phone.  If anyone suspicious calls, have her read the statement.  It can be something like this.
“I don’t buy or respond to any phone offers or calls.  Give me your number so my son can call you back to verify.”
If it’s legitimate they will give a legitimate number.  If not, they’ll argue or try to change the subject.
Then she’s to hang up.
Rehearse with your aging parent so they’ll know what to do.
Here’s some more information about how to avoid senior identity scams

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